Enjoy a healthy life on the garden terrace
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A few years ago, only some luxury villas had outdoor space for users. With the diversified development of residential buildings, outdoor space is no longer synonymous with luxury and high-end. There are many low-end apartments that can easily have outdoor space. In order to attract buyers, developers have begun to give away small gardens to many one-story residences. Some high-rise residents are also beginning to have outdoor spaces, such as terraces and open balconies as a gift. So, how to choose and arrange furniture for outdoor space?

Comprehensive consideration of multiple elements

There are several factors to consider when choosing outdoor furniture, such as what kind of furniture material you like, whether the overall style of the outdoor space is modern or traditional, whether the outdoor space is large enough or limited, and so on. If outdoor space is limited, small, compact furniture works well, while larger gardens work best with larger pieces. Also, verify that the furniture is easy to store, move, and clean.

Choose an outdoor dining set

Consider the dining space first. What size and shape dining table is best for your outdoor space? Dining tables and chairs are often sold in sets, but you can also buy separate pieces that work together. You can choose from regular dining tables and chairs, and individual dining tables and chairs are available in a variety of sizes, from cafe-style dining tables for two to large rectangular, round and oval dining tables for multiple groups. These can be purchased individually or in sets according to your space and comfort needs.

In addition to this, picnic tables are also available. The picnic table comes with an integrated length so you don't have to buy the chairs separately. However, stepping over a bench and sitting on it can feel a bit cumbersome. This picnic table is suitable for home use or dining in a small garden, and you can also buy rectangular and round picnic tables. If there are often many people eating outdoors at the same time, a dining table with a bench can come in handy, but remember, it is not suitable for people under the age of three to sit on a bench. And people can feel uncomfortable sitting on the bench for a long time, so if possible, add at least one or two dining chairs.

Choose matching furniture

When choosing matching furniture, think carefully about what kind of activities you want to arrange in your outdoor space. Do you want to put a seat on it to read, drink tea, or buy some kind of recliner to stretch out and then sunbathe? Seats are the most common outdoor furniture. If you intend to keep a chair outdoors all year round, you can choose that durable and weather-resistant material. If you want to put it away when not in use, consider buying a folding or stackable seat. Consider purchasing seat cushions separately to make the seat more comfortable.

It's nice to have a recliner in a space, the recliner can be adjusted from vertical to nearly horizontal, and it's ideal if you don't have space for dining and lounge chairs. Because it can be used for both leisure and leisure. Recliners are available in a variety of materials, with or without cushions.

In addition, lounge chairs and benches are also the most common outdoor matching furniture. If you like to sunbathe, then the sun lounge chair is your most comfortable choice. It is usually made of various materials such as wood, plastic or metal, and has an adjustable backrest that can be raised when you want to read a book, and flat when you want to lie down comfortably. Some lounge chairs are fixed and can be placed outside year-round, while others are foldable for easy storage.

Garden benches come in a variety of sizes and styles, and are available in wood and metal. This bench can be used as a makeshift dining chair during outdoor dining, or in a quiet corner for you to enjoy the garden view. Choose a permanent installation location for the long, as the long will not move around like a single outdoor seat. In addition, you can also choose an outdoor sofa, which can be used for general patios and small gardens. This sofa is usually made of plastic fabric or treated rattan. Not all garden sofa materials can be placed in all weather conditions, so be sure to confirm whether you have a place to store the sofa in winter before buying this sofa. In order to enhance comfort, there are generally matching sofa cushions sold with the sofa.

some recreational outdoor furniture

If the space is large enough, you can add some recreational facilities, such as common swing hammocks, etc. A typical garden autumn stem has a fixed frame, an upper hanging autumn seat (usually 2 to 3 people) and a sunroof attached. This kind of furniture takes up quite a lot of space, so it is more suitable for installation in large gardens. A modern garden hammock doesn't need to be suspended between two trees, fabric slings can be attached to a floor-mounted wood frame or frame. This hammock is not weather-resistant, so make sure you have room to store the hammock during the wet season. In addition, it is best to prepare a trolley. If you like to hold a meal in your own garden or patio, you can use the trolley as a countertop to stack cups, dishes, etc. on it. Choose a cart that has casters and can be moved easily, as it won't necessarily be outdoors all the time.

Choose the right outdoor furniture material

When choosing garden furniture, consider whether its material suits your overall design, how durable it is, and whether it needs annual maintenance. Wrought iron is the most common outdoor furniture material. The price of fine wrought iron outdoor furniture is medium to high, and it usually looks more gorgeous and traditional. It may not sit very comfortably, so consider a seat cushion. Plastic furniture is also not afraid of rain, comes in a variety of price points, in different colors and styles, and is easy to clean. Another feature of this type of furniture is that it is very lightweight.

In addition, outdoor furniture made of cast aluminum is also very popular. Cast aluminum is a lightweight material that can be easily moved. It's usually a mid-to-low price point and can be left outside year-round. The price of natural wicker or rattan furniture is medium to high and looks very leisurely. If you want to keep it in a damp environment without covering it, you can choose furniture that looks similar and is made of synthetic resin. Some wood furniture that has been waterproofed can also be placed outdoors. Commercial wood furniture is available in various price points and is durable, but is usually heavy. Most wood furniture must be treated or stained every 6 to 12 months.

Even if your outdoor space is small, it doesn't mean you can't make it look beautiful. There are plenty of ways to make a limited outdoor space stand out. The trick is to create a versatile space with hidden storage cabinets, built-in seating and clever details. If furniture that is proportionate to the outdoor space or that makes the most of the space is too hard to find, consider buying custom furniture. Doors can be made of brick or made of wood. To make the bench more comfortable, you can prepare some cushions.

For wall art, add flair to plain walls with wall hangings or shelves for small planters or garden sculptures. You can also use specially designed soil-holding components or hoardings to grow herbs, grasses, and plant-like plants to create a green wall. If your outdoor space is tight, buy tables and chairs that can be folded away and hung out of sight when not in use. You must choose weather-resistant furniture or furniture that is protected by a covering. Don't forget to add decorative mirrors. Use decorative mirrors outdoors to reflect light and make the space appear larger. We can buy weather-resistant acrylic mirrors. To be on the safe side, never set up decorative mirrors in direct sunlight.