8 wonderful ways to use a small side table
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Small side table, I believe everyone is familiar with it! However, how to make it function just right without appearing cluttered requires some summarization and generalization. For example, an independent single chair needs to have a matching small side table, a bedside table needs to be set at the bedside of the bedroom, and a luxurious and high-end bathtub without a small side table will be eclipsed, etc. So, next, let's summarize the use of small side tables in daily life.

1. A small side table can make a sofa chair with a single function look comfortable and comfortable. When there are guests visiting, there is no place to put tea and drinks, what an embarrassment.

Sometimes, the look and shape of a small side table don't need to be too much. As long as the overall style is harmonious and there are no sharp and sharp edges protruding, it can be used for you.

2. When the living room has a large space and needs a single chair to complement the use of the space, the role of the small side table cannot be ignored. Not only does it take up no space, it also avoids the need for larger side tables to hinder the evacuation of traffic.

3. If the space is not used as an entertainment room, two small side tables can also replace the traditional coffee table. They are not only mobile, but also enhance the visual transparency of the space to a certain extent.

4. When large furniture takes up most of the space, one or two small side tables are still needed to make up for the lack of space functions. For example, in this bedroom, although a large double bed is placed in a small space, the owner still needs to put some handy items before going to bed, so one or two simple small side tables are naturally essential.

A small bedside table doesn't have a large storage space and can only hold things such as lamps and alarm clocks, but without it, you will feel very uncomfortable.

5. Whether in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or dining room, adding a chic small side table will make the space more functional. So, why not choose a small wooden side table you like and place it next to the sofa or armchair, so that you can put coffee, desserts, and make your space more functional?

It is especially important to add a small side table next to the tub to store bath liquid, candles or books. It is a must-have for almost all bathtubs. Without it, no matter how luxurious the appearance and function are, the bathtub will lose its due color.

6. Add a small side table between the hand basin and the toilet in the bathroom to display green plants or flower arrangements, which will avoid the monotony of functions and relieve the dullness of the atmosphere.

7. It is worth noting that two small side tables are placed in this small corner. The furnishings are simple, but because of the function of the small side tables, table lamps can be displayed and commonly used items can be placed, so that the practicality of the space is instantly obtained. promote.

8. Next to the couch, place small side tables in groups, so that they do not affect each other, and can make full use of the position of the sofa to provide services for guests. This open-plan private space is simple yet practical.