With these 6 warm little furniture, instantly enhance the happiness of the home
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Every "996" who leaves early and returns late actually has pure expectations for home: push the door and slump into the soft sofa, remove the armor and let it go. Simple, comfortable, and safe are the only truth of home.

The consciousness of living has been awakened, and the concept of decoration has to keep up!

Instead of focusing on the carved TV wall and earth-flavored crystal lamps for others to see, it is better to find a way to make the living room more intimate and practical.

1. Upgrade sofa comfort

The sofa cushion is not a fancy decoration. Different sizes of cushions and pillows are used together with Ge You's paralysis. Sitting for a long time will not hurt the body.

On the armrest of the fabric sofa is a wooden cup holding device, so you can enjoy hot tea without fear of spilling.

When you are too lazy to get up, reaching out to get what you want is really a kind of comfort in life.

There are also many modular sofas on the market that support firmware upgrades, such as IKEA's Dilati series.

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2. Intimate small coffee table beside the sofa

Large and bulky coffee tables are less efficient for storage, and far less flexible than flexible sofa-side small furniture.

The main function of the small-sized living room is daily relaxation rather than meeting guests, and a small side table with simple storage is enough.

Occasionally use it as a side table to put a teacup, and put it away after use up without fear of chaos.

When not in use, the small side table can be pushed to the side of the sofa without hindrance, and the books that you will read every day and the wine you want to drink can be displayed here.

The sofa can also be moved forward and embedded in an ultra-thin shelf, which is easily accessible, and is also a small detail that makes the home more convenient.

If you don't want to give up the coffee table, it is best to use a small "long-legged" coffee table instead of the bulky square coffee table.

There are many small coffee tables in the living room model room in our experience store, which are unexpectedly popular with everyone.

You can choose a large and small type of coffee table series and place them at the same time, which is flexible and interesting.

Different small coffee tables can also be matched with each other and stored in groups, not only beautiful, but also more flexible and practical than traditional large coffee tables!

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3. Sofa corner shelf

We found that there are always corners and corners that are difficult to use around the sofa, and making full use of it can make the sofa less messy.

A multi-layer shelf can be placed on the concave wall next to the sofa, which can store more items than a low cabinet, and can also set up a three-dimensional green planting corner.

There is no need to create a partition at the junction with the porch corridor, and a row of bookcases naturally separates the space, which also adds a little book fragrance to the living room.

The spare space next to the sofa, put some small storage furniture, very practical.

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4. Carpet

If conditions permit, it is best to lay a soft wool carpet in the center of the living room. Stepping on the soft carpet will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, and reduce fatigue.

There will be no tremor caused by the frequent collision of the hard ground and the sole. It is also a good way to really improve the foot feel of the living room.

This carpet shell white and light purple tones blend into an elegant French style. The white shells scattered randomly on the floor are reminiscent of the refreshing sea breeze, and the beige gray is like a soft sandy beach, bringing a soft tactile feeling.

With these 6 warm little furniture, instantly enhance the happiness of the home(图4)

5. Desk lamp

If you like to read books and your teammates like to watch movies, add a desk lamp next to the sofa. This light source is convenient for reading books and does not affect the light source for watching movies.

The most important thing about lighting is to have a sense of hierarchy, because living habits are different, adding a table lamp next to the sofa will help family harmony.

Putting down the phone, leaving the computer, and turning off the PAD, the living room can make you realize more of the meaning of home. Use your imagination, I believe you can also have a comfortable living room that suits you!

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6. Storage of secondary clothes

There is always a pile of unwashed clothes in our bedroom, and plugging it directly into the closet will stain other clothes.

If there is no special storage area, it will be thrown everywhere, resulting in a messy room.

It is recommended that everyone replace this kind of clean clothes hanger in the bedroom at home. The second clean clothes rack is specially designed to solve this pain point.

The hanging rod designed on the top can hang clothes, which ensures a lot of cleanliness. All clothes are clear at a glance, and it is more convenient to take clothes. Below is a basket. Pants, underwear, etc. that are not easy to hang, can be stacked in the storage basket below. , to meet all kinds of clothing storage needs.

Many people buy it and put it in the bedroom. Therefore, considering the space tolerance, the designer designed the hanger to be relatively narrow, with a maximum width of 44cm. As long as there is a corner in the bedroom, it can be put down.

In addition to the bedroom, if there is a place at the entrance of the home or the bathroom, you can also put one to store the clothes you take off at home, or the change of clothes in the bathroom.

Because it has pulleys at the bottom, the basket can also be disassembled. If the clothes are dirty, just take off the dirty clothes basket or push the rack to the laundry area, without the hassle of carrying the clothes.

There is no place to store clothes in the bathroom, just put a clean clothes hanger to solve it.

Hang bath towels and clean clothes on the top, and use it as a dirty clothes basket on the bottom, and put the changed ones in as you like. After the end, it’s ok to remove the basket and bring it to the laundry area, so as not to have to take it out and hold it.

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