Wooden furniture that must be selected for home decoration
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Many owners like log-colored furniture. Log-colored furniture is naturally dynamic, simple and light in design, so it is liked by many people, and the log color is timeless. Let's recommend some useful and good-looking wood-colored furniture for you, let's take a look~

1. Side table bench

A side table is placed next to the bed, and the shade color of the lamp placed next to the small table is a nice decoration, making it a simple and comfortable bedroom space.

2. Small bench

In the Nordic style home design, there must be a log-colored side table and a side table. There is a small bench next to the sofa in the living room, which can also be used as a side table. The texture of the log makes people feel more warm.

3. Big bench

The light color of solid wood complements the natural green and tiled walls and is a display corner with a soft atmosphere. The bench is a complement to green, a space that can be healed by all kinds of green.

4. Shelves

Solid wood shelves are also generally used a lot, such as the following three-layer or four-layer shelves for placing file boxes, which is very convenient. You can also put some decorations on the top layer.

5. TV cabinet

The wood color of the TV cabinet should not be too beautiful. With the complete set of wood coffee table and sofa, the texture of the whole living room comes out, which is natural and warm.

6. Wooden door cabinet

Wooden door cabinet, placed next to the background wall of the restaurant, used for storage and storage, the height and width are very suitable. This is a stylish space that enhances the overall design of the restaurant.

7. Glass door cabinet

The glass cabinet is placed in the kitchen to store dishes, bottles and jars, neat and tidy, and can also be used for display.

This is a natural and fresh kitchen pantry, where the shelving on the cabinets and the wood texture complement each other to create a sense of unity.

8. Desks and cabinets

A clean work area with a solid wood desk and white chairs next to an oak wood cabinet, this is a well-balanced space with white walls, light oak furniture and natural miscellaneous displays.

9. Low table

The living room is equipped with a low solid wood table and sofa, which makes the living room appear more spacious. A simple log low table creates a simple and clean living room.

10. Dining table

The log color dining table is perfect for the brightly coloured Scandinavian look, paired with the white lighting and light blue on the back wall is a nice touch, it's a refreshing dining room.