What are the types of solid wood furniture chairs?
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The chair is one of the most common households in daily life. Whether it is at home or any public place, it is inseparable from almost every place. It can be said to be an intimate partner of human beings. In the market, I believe you will also see that there are many types of solid wood furniture chairs. Let's follow the editor of China Whole Wood Network to understand the types of solid wood furniture chairs and the characteristics of different solid wood furniture chairs.

1. Analysis of the types of solid wood furniture and chairs

1. Leather sofa chairs: The styles are extremely exquisite. Usually, leather chairs are mainly made of leather products and wood frames. Generally, leather products are selected for the seat surface and inner back surface of leather sofa chairs, and artificial leather is usually used for the surrounding and outer back of leather sofa chairs.

2. Solid wood chair: The solid wood chair of this material shows a natural and down-to-earth feeling. It has the color of natural wood itself, which is both natural and free of harmful substances. It is a standard worthy of everyone's choice. In the purchase of materials, there are mainly: beech, teak, maple, oak, oak, ash , elm, poplar, pine, etc., among which ash, beech and oak are rare woods.

3. Furniture steel chair: its anti-rust time can last for more than 5 years, and it is firm and not easy to be damaged. , It is leisurely and comfortable to use, and it is cheap and high-quality, suitable for use on the balcony.

4. Fabric leisure chair: It can be literally understood that it is a solid wood furniture chair made of different fabrics. From the style, it can be divided into European and American style and modern fashion style, and new antique style and so on. At present, modern fashion style and European and American country style are more common in the market. Modern and fashionable fabric lounge chairs are usually simple in style and full of art.

5. Plastic wood chair: Plastic wood is also called environmentally friendly plastic wood. In fact, it is not a natural material, but a new type of material made by blending plastic and wood pulp. The control of raw materials can be fully implemented by the designer. At the same time, the plastics selected will hardly age even if they are used outdoors, and they will not burn with fire. It has been used for up to ten years and is very durable.

6. Rattan leisure sofa chair: Rattan leisure chair is mainly made of rattan, which inherits the advantages of rattan furniture, and is healthy and environmentally friendly. Suitable for placing in the balcony, bedroom or study room, the rattan leisure chair filled with cultural atmosphere can bring you not only the enjoyment of furniture application functions, but also a symbol of the owner's taste in the modern home with the rattan leisure chair.